Management konsult, Föreläsare och Rådgivare inom HR, Rekrytering och Employer Branding. 

För femte året i rad arrangeras Skandinaviens största rekryteringskonferens för 300 specialister inom HR-området. Temat för i år var rekrytering och teknik och Elin var en av 5 talare på området. 


Keynote speaker Elin Oberg (SE)

Imagine if there was only ONE true recruitment process to find that unique talent for that very specific position in a particular company. A process where you would be able to tailor the exact ‘DNA’ of the position to match with the exact persona of the talent, that ONE specific person you want to recruit. Imagine if the recruitment process, on its own, selected a composition of talents to create more dynamic and successful teams. Imagine if the recruitment process changed the way companies operate and contributed to their success. Imagine if the recruitment process, in the long run, changed the world. Elin calls this recruitopia. In the future, it’s all possible.

If we habitually do things the same way, they will never evolve and will ultimately remain the same. Elin is constantly challenging the status quo when it comes to recruiting and truly believes in changing the way we attract, recruit and engage talent. She takes you on a journey far outside the box, throwing everything we know about recruitment up in the air while questioning old truths. This keynote will most definitely give you some new ideas and insights on how to work with recruitment.

Key takeaways:
  • Learn how talents are operating in new perspectives
  • Discover new ways of meeting the needs of tomorrow’s talents and how companies must change their way of mapping hopes, dreams and people personas against a very selective future workforce.
  • Learn how to create a futuristic recruitment funnel and get up to speed on the role of the future recruiter.

Elin is a visionary and recruitment pioneer, strategically driven to change, improve and innovate the field of HR- and recruitment.  As an advisor, she has consulted for well-known companies to challenge thoughts of recruitment and the future workforce.  She has a background from the IT-recruitment industry in Sweden and has served in senior management roles at global recruitment players as well as start-ups. 


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